Welcome to mirror.lchost.net!

 This is as complete a mirror as could be achieved of download.nullsoft.com between 20/11/2013 and 21/11/2013 
 following AOLs announcement that Winamp.com and associated services was being shut down on 20/12/2013.

 Some refresh pulls were done around the 28/11/2013 to make sure the mirror was as up to date as possible.

 The final builds are available here:
 "Full": http://mirror.lchost.net/download.nullsoft.com/winamp/client/winamp5666_full_all.exe
 "Lite": http://mirror.lchost.net/download.nullsoft.com/winamp/client/winamp5666_lite_all.exe
 (pulled from source on 29/11/2013)
 NB that the "Full" build for this release is analogus to the old "Pro" build - and does not include all 
 the bundled crap that usually was found in a "full" build - but you'll still need a valid pro key to
 enable pro functionality.

 Plugins and skins can be found, sorted by (presumably) release date, under 
 customize/components/yyyy/mm/d/[P|S] (P for Plugins, S for Skins)

 Winamp itself is under winamp/client/ and winamp/clients/ (only 5.56 is here, for some reason) 

 This mirror is provided as a public service - please don't abuse it.

Index of /download.nullsoft.com/

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customize/2013-Nov-20 22:18:12-  Directory
lib/2013-Nov-29 04:57:27-  Directory
listening-tests/2013-Nov-29 04:57:26-  Directory
nsis/2013-Nov-29 04:57:27-  Directory
nsv/2013-Nov-29 04:57:26-  Directory
pub/2013-Nov-29 04:57:27-  Directory
redist/2013-Nov-29 04:57:27-  Directory
screensaver/2013-Nov-29 04:53:22-  Directory
shoutcast/2013-Nov-29 04:57:27-  Directory
winamp/2013-Nov-29 04:57:26-  Directory
HEADER.txt2013-Nov-29 05:26:001.1Ktext/plain; charset=utf-8
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Welcome2009-Dec-17 02:16:510.3Kapplication/octet-stream
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